Erudite Australian Cattle Dogs

Albritts Viking Warrior


​I met Valor on my trip to the US to visit Pria.  Brett had highly recommended him but it wasnt until I saw him that I knew he would be a great inclusion.  

​Valor's sire is Rowdy x Vin litter sister - which means he should infuse well with both the Rowdy and Vin progeny I have here in Australia. ​ His dam line is new blood with Xena being the first and only ACD in Europe with an Advanced Cattle herding title.  She is bold and brash - just like Pria.  Valor over the Pria daughters should provide lots of sass, strength and cunning.  

​Valor is a serious style of personality, very self confident but takes leadership well. 


​Valor's sire Eddy

​Valor's dam Xena

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Belinda Carter
Albury, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0438 541302
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