Erudite Australian Cattle Dogs

More than a Breeder

One aspect I can offer the discerning puppy buyer is my experience with training and competing with dogs.  I am more than a breeder...  I am also a competitor in obedience, the showring, and actively work my dogs on stock.  I have titled dogs in agility, trained with IPO clubs, studied zoology, successfully ran a dog behaviour business for 3 years.  I constantly train with some exceptional stock dog trainers and seek out guidance from some of the best in the business.  I offer a unique perspective amoungst the breeders.

These years of broad experience mean I know what kind of dog is required for the various homes.  I can identify the pups most suitable to what a new home is looking for.  The drives each pup has and what personality traits he or she displays.  All my dogs compete so I know their strengths and weakness... not all dogs are created equal.  

If you want a breeder to select a dog ideal for what your after it makes sense to have a breeder who understands the finer points needed.  Competing, titling and winning at Royal Show level in obedience, and training alongside high drive methods with Illawarra IPO club means I can identify the higher drive pups, the motivations to look for.  Training with many stock dog handlers, from yard triallers to 3 sheep triallers, to cattle triallers has given me a broad understanding of the skills useful for working stock dogs.  It has also been beyond beneficial in gaining a greater insight to balancing straight prey drive and modified prey drive in pups produced - how do stock dog breeders make their mating decisions in relation to working ability.  

Once a new home has their pup I will also do my utmost to assist in helping that pup shine - be it as help with training your companion, or organising Erudite only herding training days, guiding you along the path of competitive dog sports, and if there is help you might need and I cannot provide, due to distance etc, I will access my network of training friends to help out.  I genuinely want successful pups and happy homes.  

My passion is to raise the profile of this breed, as stable companions through to high level performance dogs.  If desired you will be welcomed into our group of friends, kept in contact with litter mates, and just have a resource available to fall back on.  

Interested in competing?  I will set you up with the most suitable pup and give you help all along the way.  

Enjoy a dog bred to excel, chosen to excel and given the opportunity to excel. 




Contact Details

Belinda Carter
Deniliquin, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0438 541302
Email : [email protected]