Erudite Australian Cattle Dogs

Breeding goals

Erudite was chosen as a prefix as I was looking for something which conveyed the talented dogs I wish to produce.  

I enjoy training and competing with the dogs, its a wonderful partnership and when you really feel like a team its a great feeling.  One thing is obvious to me though, without good genetics the road is so much harder.  

Spending time with IPO trainers and in the world of working line Belgian Shepherd Malinios and working line German Shepherds expanded my knowledge of all the finer points of a dogs inherited attitude, temperament and personality.  To have a top level worker and/or competition dog you need something special.  

Having previously trained and competed rescue ACDs I knew the bloodlines I wanted to start with  - Willowpark/Jellendore. 

My first two dogs from these bloodlines have so far achieved - 

Ch Willowpark Inevitablue CCD CD RN RA RE RM JD HT PT HSAs HSAd HSAc HNAc

Ch & Neut Ch Willowpark Custom Made CCD CD RN RA RE RM JD HT PT HSAs HSAd HSAc HNAs HNAc

They are both extremely biddable, wanting to please and will try anything. 


Needing to outcross for this line for COI purposes I've looked around the world to find genetics to compliment my dogs.


My goal is to produce dogs with proven dogs behind them - dogs capable of the highest levels of competition.  

Work wise I wish to keep expanding the dogs innate skills.  They will still fulfil all the expectations of a 'heeler' but with even more diverse skills.  I dont want to produce specialist dogs which are just used as the heavy hitters on a farm but dogs who assist and are useful allround farm dogs. 

It saddens me that the breed has lost its place as Australias best cattle working dogs.  Kelpies & Collies have adapted to suit all Australian farm conditions so I wish to do the same with my dogs.  

Already the first purpose bred litter has produced bitches capable of backing in a race, casting over 100m, walking up directly into pressure, working sheep & cattle.  These girls down the track will be competing in yard trial, 3 sheep & cattle trials. At the time of writing this they are 17 months old.

I also wish to see my dogs representing the breed in the sport of IPO, and doing it well. 

Contact Details

Belinda Carter
Deniliquin, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0438 541302
Email : [email protected]