Erudite Australian Cattle Dogs

Happy owners

Some kind words from a few people sharing their lives with an Erudite dog


From Holly with Maverick 


We bought a pup from Belinda at the start of 2016 and what a wonderful decision it was!!  Maverick is such an intelligent, well behaved dog. He is extremely gentle around my horses and foals.  He has a fantastic temperament and is super trainable.  Having good bloodlines is very important and Belinda is spot on with hers.  Maverick is not a working dog he is our pet and life would just not bethe same without him.  We cannot recommend purchasing a pup from Belinda more highly, whether it be a workig dog or a loved family pet.  Belinda will have a great match for you!



From Sophia with Jacquo


Following a recommendation to contact Belinda for an Australian Cattle Dog to join our family, and after the torture of having to wait 8 weeks for him and getting pictures every couple of days of him growing up, I finally went home with my beautiful boy Jacquo (Erudite Straight Shooter).  Some 4 years later and I have the most beautiful tempered dog, full of life, full of love and gives us nothig but laughter and a little chaos.  Life without Jacquo would now just be plain old boring.  He has an amazing nature, very curious and extremely intelligent and smart.  Without any hesitation, I would recommend no other breeder than Belinda and her Erudite dogs - all the dogs I have met are just beautifully natured.  Belinda, keep doing what you are doing, it works and you have some amazing dogs to show for it - I will never be able to thank you enough for entrusting me to raise Jacquo (with your ongoing support and help of course)


From Hannah with Esme


Going from working kelpies to my first ACD, I wanted a dog that was easy to live with and train, capable of doing real work and also compete in ANKC (herding, rally, agility) and stock-dog programs.  Thankfully Belinda produced the goods!  Esme (Erudite Esmeralda) hasn't put a foot wrong since coming home - sometimes I joke that she has been pre-programmed, she learns things so quickly.  As a 1 year old she stepped up as my main chore dog when both my kelpies were injured, helping me gather and sort the sheep when needed.  She also competed against the kelpies in her first yard trial, completing the course and posting a score.  I'm really looking forward to her competition future - the sky is the limit!  If you had to pick one word to describe her, it would be 'joyous' - she absolutely loves life!  A real sweetheart and "princess", she lives to please me, but is also resilient and high energy as a good ACD should be.  Everyone who meets her comments on her super temperament.  It's been a great start to my ACD owning experience. 


From Matt & Locky with Coco


Hi Belinda and the Erudite Team .

Our beautiful Girl Coco turned 2 this year and she is such a fantastic addition to our family .

Locky and I have to say thanks to Sandra from willowpark for passing us onto you as I believe we ended up with the perfect cattle dog for us.Right from the start we went to puppy preschool  where Coco wouldnt play with the other pups , she would do the rounds to all the kids in the group, she loves a pat.She is very smart , learning quickly and you can see that she wants to try all the time .Coco has been to many skate parks with locky. We always get comments on how nice she looks and how calm she is. Even when other dogs bark and make a fuss , she just looks and carrys on with  what we are doing , such a level head.

Over christmas and New Year , Coco, Locky and I went on a road trip , over 2000km, we stopped at many places and she was a joy to take with us , it didnt matter if we were at familys or friends places or just at a motel room for a night, never was a problem .I have a niece and nephew that are very scared of dogs after a bad experience with thier neighbours dogs. Coco, Locky and I have been helping them with their fears and now they will walk Coco on the leed , get her to sit and drop , even shake hands .I believe that the temperament behind your dogs has to be congratulated , we wouldnt have such a fantastic cattle dog without it .

Look foward to a catch up in the future,

Matt, Locky and Coco.




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